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Deconstructing DOUGH Market

Now that we’re getting toward the end of construction for DOUGH Market, we figured it would be neat to take a little retrospective of the project.

Be sure to go full screen and HD to get the full effect!



Pleasant Surprises

We designed this house out in Black Mountain back in 2009-10 and due to scheduling conflicts, where just never able to see it finished. Through our launch party we were able to reconnect with two of our favorite clients and, man-o-man, did the house turn out beautifully. It features (to name a few things):

  1. Prefab foundation & roof system – minimizing waste and maximizing installation time
  2. Geo-thermal heating and cooling
  3. Passive solar lighting and heating
  4. Recycled materials
  5. Locally harvested and sourced lumber/materials
  6. Virtually maintenance free exterior materials
  7. A slew of other sensible design and construction techniques to create a environmentally responsible structure

Here are the final’s (Link to MUCH Larger Pictures)



CHAL-LANGE!!! Our Launch Party Competition

In case you missed our launch party last night, we had this competition:

Inspired by this old Cosby Show clip –

Where our guest were invited to use 20 of our old business cards and 3 of our new coasters to design any type of structure. Winner gets a CASE of Cold Mountain by Highlands Brewing (kind of a big deal)…well, here are the entries!

We call this one “The Gehry” with it’s abstract form.

With it’s strong Star Wars form we have named this one “AT-AT Walker”

Succeeds with its thoughtful spaces and attention to the human scale.

With it’s sharp lines and rigid structural frame, no way this baby is falling down.

By creating paired structures, the interstitial space…whatever…it looks great!

A perfect use of materials in their full shape to define a brilliant space.

As the tallest entry, this one explores the vertical limits and structural capacity of the materials.

It was difficult to choose a winner from these great structures….but the Winner is:

To be announced at 5pm right here on facetubes…stay tuned…voting and bribery is still underway.


The Dough Market — New Project Underway on Merrimon Ave

The drawings are done! Dough Market is a new commercial building on Merrimon Ave. The structure will be home to a high end grocery market with fresh baked goods, sandwiches, and coffee. Nestled into the building is a teaching kitchen.

We designed the building with an exposed steel structure. The structure allowed us to provide an open floor plan with lots of glass. The brick portion of the building speaks to the surrounding older neighborhoods and the original brick building. The brick structure is a stand-alone and continues into the building through the glass facade.

Two separate rain-screen systems grace the façade of the building. The front rain-screen will wrap the front wall of the building and be visible and one continuous piece with large windows piercing through it to let more light in. The second rain-screen system will consist of 4’x8′ Hardie Board Panels with stainless steel fasteners. The Hardie Board rain-screen defines the service areas of the building.

Several environmentally friendly options have been designed for the building. The steel structure has been designed for solar panels along the roof. All of the exterior & interior materials have been chosen for longevity and low/no maintenance.

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