Some Quick Updates

Here are a few updates for the projects going on here at Form and Function Architecture.

Our project 24 Hyannis has begun its transformation into and office space for UNC Asheville. The structure was originally a residence that was donated to the school . Although a small structure we were presented with some interesting challenges in bring a form residence up to current code.

We are also pleased to say that The Hop Ice Creamery is nearing completion and is in the process of adding the finishing touches, such as tile and paint. Below is a sneak peak of the tasting room.

The Hop is putting in their tile


The plans for Hi-Tech Integrated Systems has made its way to the permit office. The new office building for them will be opening the South Asheville in Spring of 2015.

Check out the rendering for the front of STF Precision. The 40,000 sqft factory and office building in Arden is already under construction. They wanted to spruce up entry way. The trusses and stone will create an inviting entry for the main entrance to their offices.

Front Entrance to STF Precision


We have also just added two new residences to our project list, and we are in the beginning stages of design. Also nice to start on fresh projects.

Asia Wrap Grand Opening

We are excited to announce the grand opening of, Asia Wrap. Opening Tuesday, September 9, Asia Wrap is located at the former McDonald’s location at 1915 Hendersonville Road. We greatly enjoyed helping their vision come to life.

wrap logo ASIA WRAP sketch exterior

          asia wrap

First Two Weeks

Hello Employee 004 (formally known as Intern 001) speaking,

Well today I just finished my second week as an actual employee at Form and Function Architecture, and both weeks have been pretty eventful. Although the job does involve getting stamped with the Form and Function Logo,


I did get to attend a meeting at the Julian F. Keith about fire codes and fencing issues. Later that week I returned with Emili to measure window heights and finalize fencing plans. I then had to put the measurements and plans onto the program Revit, which I have been slowly adapting to.

I also got to use Revit with The Hop , so that they have the room to produce more ice cream (YUM!).



Earlier today, I got to see the progress on The Smokey Park Supper Club, and although the building has a ways to go, it still has to be one of the most unique restaurants I have seen.

Also, there are several projects that are making serious headway. For example, Estes is nearing completion for the addition of bathrooms in the PEP wing, Asia Wrap is nearing completion as well, and Stf Precision broke ground this past week. The Flight in Downtown Hendersonville is currently being renovated for a new restaurant, Postero.


stf               Postero

Two of our Residential Projects are also in their construction phases. Watch the construction of the Toth Residence from Merrimon or 53 Roberts by one of my favorite places, White Duck Taco.

53 Roberts   Toth Residence


Protecting your roots

As part of a retrospective that AIA Asheville (www.aiaasheville.org) has been assembling for the last couple of months, we were ecstatic to search through some of the old drawings from the Pack Place Library from the great grandfather of most local firms, 6 Associates….who also did houses, something we never knew. Hope you enjoy these as much as we do.

2014-04-29 08.51.12

Wrought iron entry gate design for the DiSanto Residence in Morganton, NC

2014-04-29 08.43.33

6Associates logo from 1968

2014-04-28 10.52.48

6A was the 75th firm licensed in the State of NC

2014-04-28 11.03.37 2014-04-28 11.03.33 2014-04-28 11.00.50 2014-04-28 10.47.01 2014-04-28 10.34.51 2014-04-28 10.33.37 2014-04-28 10.33.18 2014-04-28 10.33.14

Another Restaurant Making News

A couple of months ago, we posted a blog about a restaurant we designed that made the news. Well, we’re back with another post about one of our restaurant designs that’s featured in the Asheville Citizens Times! Opening soon in South Asheville on Hendersonville Road is the new restaurant concept, Asia Wrap. We’ve taken an old McDonalds and given it an upscale Asian-inspired theme. The food will be a delicious, healthy take on Asian fast-casual food, and nearly all of it will be in a wrap.  Check out Asia Wrap’s website for more information on their restaraunt and to see other renderings of our design work.

Restaurant Interior


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