Mellow Mushroom Asheville






Renovations to the The Mellow Mushroom Asheville have been completed!


The old bar was completely demolished and rebuilt. We opened the wall up, added custom cabinets, and made the taps more visible and accessible to create an overall more inviting bar environment. The bar also has been equipped with a Three dimensional wooden mural of the Blue Ridge Mountains, including the Asheville skyline. Also, did I mention that it changes color?!


LED bar

Bar Taps

The old wall murals were either replaced or revamped, including features such as color changing LED lights. In addition, wooden inlays where placed over existing throughout the tiled floors.



color changing mural



A complete renovation of the kitchen was carried out to increase production of oh so yummy pizza. All hail the mushroom!


Under Construction

Hello everyone, just thought we’d update you on some of our projects. A lot is happening currently, projects are either being permitted, just starting, or already under construction. Here’s a look at some that are under construction.

Just getting started, the Toth Residence is a contemporary home atop horizon hill. The home has a steel structure and an absolutely fantastic view.

Toth Residence

Also just finishing up, the Monahan Residence was a formerly abandoned structure. We modified the existing framework to create something new. Chris Kaselak at MA|CK Constructors is the general contractor on this project.

IMG_20150903_131136684 IMG_20150903_131240475

The Yero Residence is a master suite addition to a home out in Mars Hill. Solid Rock is in the process of beginning construction.

2015-09-04 10.13.29

Copper Crown, a reference to the building’s metallic roof, will be a restaurant on Tunnel Road located in HomeTrust Bank Plaza.

Copper Crown6 2015-08-21 16195400000

Some of our projects don’t have any pretty pictures yet, but we plan on getting some soon. These projects are:

  • 10 Biltmore, located in historic Biltmore Village, is above the Cantina restaurant. It was an existing office space, but will be converted to two Apartments . Goforth Builders are in charge of building the residential space.
  • Hi-Tech is a home electronic supplier which is moving into a new two story Morten pre-engineered building. The space will serve as a show room and office storage for the company.
  • Sandhill Baptist Church is building a new church that includes a fellowship hall, daycare, and sanctuary.

Office Warming Party

Well the last finishing touches are being made to the office, and we are very excited to have you come see it.



Drop by Friday May 29th from 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. to take a look and grab a snack!

Our new office is located at 9 Walnut Street, Suite 3B, Asheville NC 28801.

Move-In Day

Well its official, Form and Function is all moved out of its old office.

(looks empty doesn’t it)

  Empty Office


Here are a few of the funny things we managed to find while packing: The heights of everyone who has worked in the office, an old office plan, and some interesting gifts from our clients.

 Heights   Funny Find Funny Finds


Here are a few pictures of the new office (it even has walls and a ceiling).

                                                                                                                        Main Lobby New Office                                     Office Entry

 Feel free to drop by and give us a visit at  9 Walnut, suite 3B right above Skully’s Bar.

New Location

Guess who’s moving!

Form and function is moving about one hundred feet down the street (rhyme intended) .

We are growing out of our current space above Henco Reprographics to 9 Walnut Street, Suite 3D.

We will be sharing the building with other downtown establishments Scully’s, Mora Jewelry, Brownstone Realty, Clearpoint Marketing and the Tao Institute.

Move-in-day is April 15 and we couldn’t be more excited….and in true F&F style, expect a party. More to come on that later



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