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Where it all began…well for a lot of us at least

I know many an architect who start their career at a young age with Legos, lots and lots of Legos. Red ones, blue ones, and only a few shapes and sizes (nothing like they are now). Lego seems to understand this very well. You may have seen the Lego Architecture Series, if not, it is Lego building sets for adults. The models are architectural masterpieces, such as The Farnsworth House and Fallingwater and many classical architectural wonders.

Lego is now helping us all go back to our childhood roots. They have just launched  The Lego Architecture Studio.

All the blocks are white or translucent. They come it lots of wonderful shapes and sizes and they are just what I want for my birthday (hint, hint).  Here is a great video of their launch at Lego World in Copenhagen.

Lego Architecture Studio


I wonder if we will start seeing buildings with little knobs on top.


CHAL-LANGE!!! Our Launch Party Competition

In case you missed our launch party last night, we had this competition:

Inspired by this old Cosby Show clip –

Where our guest were invited to use 20 of our old business cards and 3 of our new coasters to design any type of structure. Winner gets a CASE of Cold Mountain by Highlands Brewing (kind of a big deal)…well, here are the entries!

We call this one “The Gehry” with it’s abstract form.

With it’s strong Star Wars form we have named this one “AT-AT Walker”

Succeeds with its thoughtful spaces and attention to the human scale.

With it’s sharp lines and rigid structural frame, no way this baby is falling down.

By creating paired structures, the interstitial space…whatever…it looks great!

A perfect use of materials in their full shape to define a brilliant space.

As the tallest entry, this one explores the vertical limits and structural capacity of the materials.

It was difficult to choose a winner from these great structures….but the Winner is:

To be announced at 5pm right here on facetubes…stay tuned…voting and bribery is still underway.