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Spending time in nature is important to all of us here at Form & Function, so naturally we found working with the Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway Inc. (FOHCG Inc.) very rewarding.

“The FOHCG Inc. works with the community to manage the Hominy Creek Greenway in order to maintain its wild nature, preserve its rich history, and to connect the HCG to the French Broad River, future greenways, and downtown Asheville”.  – FOHCG Inc. Mission

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Friends of Hominy Creek Greenway asked us to design a simple building on the greenway to be used for teaching space as well as storage. With a grant from Buncombe County, FOHCG Inc. Board of Trustees was able to construct the building with the help of Dave Fortner and lots of volunteers.

It’s amazing what a group of volunteers can do when putting resources and hands together as a team. Thank you everyone involved for making this act of teamwork possible.

fohcg-photo-1 fohcg-photo-2

Mellow Mushroom Asheville






Renovations to the The Mellow Mushroom Asheville have been completed!


The old bar was completely demolished and rebuilt. We opened the wall up, added custom cabinets, and made the taps more visible and accessible to create an overall more inviting bar environment. The bar also has been equipped with a Three dimensional wooden mural of the Blue Ridge Mountains, including the Asheville skyline. Also, did I mention that it changes color?!


LED bar

Bar Taps

The old wall murals were either replaced or revamped, including features such as color changing LED lights. In addition, wooden inlays where placed over existing throughout the tiled floors.



color changing mural



A complete renovation of the kitchen was carried out to increase production of oh so yummy pizza. All hail the mushroom!


Office Warming Party

Well the last finishing touches are being made to the office, and we are very excited to have you come see it.



Drop by Friday May 29th from 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. to take a look and grab a snack!

Our new office is located at 9 Walnut Street, Suite 3B, Asheville NC 28801.

Introducing Number 005.

Hello everybody.

I’m the newest member of the office. They call me Number 005, the fifth person to work for Form & Function, but you can call me Kimberly.  I graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship.  So, at F&F I’ll be focused on the gut, the heart, to me the most important part of the building, the interior.

The Interior Design program at ASU focused mostly on commercial design, but residential design was not left out. I have always felt a pull towards residential design but the key to creating smart commercial design is to give the space a personal feel, its own identity. An identity people can connect with. My senior year at ASU my final project lasted the whole year. We were allowed complete freedom to create whatever we wanted to create.  I designed an elementary school by renovating an old mill building.

Click link below to check out my senior project in the link below: Berryhill Elementary School

Lobby Rendering:



Classroom Rendering:



On my first day, as soon as I walked in and was shown my desk Emili, the project manager, spent the next 2 hours with me getting down to the nitty-gritty details about the designs in progress and the buildings under construction. Right away I was a part of the team, someone who was connected in to the firm. Like the concept of Berryhill Elementary School, Evolving is Learning, I know I’m going to learn so much here and grow from that knowledge.

If you want to truly get to know F&F, then learning through me probably is the best way because that’s what I’ve done the first few months on the job. Form & Function is a small firm with just the four of us working hard for our clients. We have a very open office where we can pop around, for me, ask questions, and check out what others are working on. We laugh all day long but take our work very seriously. All around, I laughed and learned a lot in these few months of working at F&F.

Random Facts I learned about my coworkers this week:


-is obsessed with coffee way more than anyone else I know.

-wants a pet pig and platypus.


-used to be on a Rollar Derby team that had its own reality T.V. show!

-had a canyon in her back yard growing up.


-has names for his scarves- Scarfie and Brownie.

-has calves so big it looks like there is an iphone 6+ in his leg, because he cycles. (and because he’s strong ~ myles {yep, i got the master login for everything})

Move-In Day

Well its official, Form and Function is all moved out of its old office.

(looks empty doesn’t it)

  Empty Office


Here are a few of the funny things we managed to find while packing: The heights of everyone who has worked in the office, an old office plan, and some interesting gifts from our clients.

 Heights   Funny Find Funny Finds


Here are a few pictures of the new office (it even has walls and a ceiling).

                                                                                                                        Main Lobby New Office                                     Office Entry

 Feel free to drop by and give us a visit at  9 Walnut, suite 3B right above Skully’s Bar.

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