First Two Weeks

Hello Employee 004 (formally known as Intern 001) speaking,

Well today I just finished my second week as an actual employee at Form and Function Architecture, and both weeks have been pretty eventful. Although the job does involve getting stamped with the Form and Function Logo,


I did get to attend a meeting at the Julian F. Keith about fire codes and fencing issues. Later that week I returned with Emili to measure window heights and finalize fencing plans. I then had to put the measurements and plans onto the program Revit, which I have been slowly adapting to.

I also got to use Revit with The Hop , so that they have the room to produce more ice cream (YUM!).



Earlier today, I got to see the progress on The Smokey Park Supper Club, and although the building has a ways to go, it still has to be one of the most unique restaurants I have seen.

Also, there are several projects that are making serious headway. For example, Estes is nearing completion for the addition of bathrooms in the PEP wing, Asia Wrap is nearing completion as well, and Stf Precision broke ground this past week. The Flight in Downtown Hendersonville is currently being renovated for a new restaurant, Postero.


stf               Postero

Two of our Residential Projects are also in their construction phases. Watch the construction of the Toth Residence from Merrimon or 53 Roberts by one of my favorite places, White Duck Taco.

53 Roberts   Toth Residence