Launching a New Brand


We have been working for months on launching Form & Function Architecture. It has been an amazing process and we were so grateful to Atlas Branding for helping us along the way.

This was a very fun process. First came the name. We wanted something that could grow with us. Something that encompassed our attitude towards design. We also came up with some pretty funny stuff on our own. But, Atlas Branding was able to rein us in and once “Form & Function Architecture” was proposed it was a obvious  that this was our new name.

Next came putting what we do and how we think about our relationship with our clients and the design process  into concise statements. This is not as easy as one would think. After several edits and many trips to the thesaurus and lots of research we were arrived at three brand promises. Once we got the foundation set we went on to what I considered the fun part; colors & logos.

Once we got to the portion of the re-branding that became more about design then words, it really got fun. First the logo. We had several options laid in front of us. Different shapes, different styles, different fonts and through the wonderful process of collaboration we arrived at our new logo that you have seen us plastering all over the place; pint glasses, coasters, business cards, our website, Facebook, Pinterest. Myles even attacked Thad with the F&F stamp several times.  What can I say we really like it.


It is even on the laser etched on the inside of the bottom of the glass. This is called nucleation.

And tonight the really fun part. THE LAUNCH PARTY!!!