Form & Function Architecture fosters an environment of collaboration and creativity with our clients, creative team, and community.
And we have some fun in the process.


Located at historic 9 W. Walnut Street in downtown Asheville, NC, Form & Function is an Asheville architecture studio that specializes in commercial, residential, state and municipal architecture located within the Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina region.

Form & Function Architecture - Myles Alexander

Myles S Alexander, AIA

Position: Principal
Education: M.Arch Clemson University
Experience: Too many but yet still not enough.
Started at FF: 2010
Coffee: I’m a cappuccino person.
Favorite Drink to Relax: Boulevardier.
Dogs or Cats: Both.
First Album You Bought With Your Own Money: The Fat Boys are Back, The Fat Boys (1985)


Emili McMakin, AIA

Position: Principal
Education: BS Architectural Engineering, University of Texas, M.Arch University of Colorado Denver
Experience: Got started in 2009 and still going.
Started at FF: 2011
Coffee: Carmel latte with oat milk or just regular coffee with a touch of milk and 1 Splenda.
Favorite Drink to Relax: Glass of red in the winter, white in the summer and a dirty Grey Goose martini on the rocks when I need to really relax.
Dogs or Cats: Cats (dogs are okay I guess).
First Album You Bought With Your Own Money: Ace of Base, The Sign (1993)


Form & Function Architecture - Emili McMakin

Form & Function Architecture - Taylor Parker

Taylor Parker

Position: Architectural Designer
Education: Bachelor of Architecture at University of Tennessee, Knoxville (Grad: 2016)
Master’s Student of Entrepreneurship + Innovation Leadership at Western Carolina University (Exp. Grad: 2022)
Architecture/Engineering/Drafting—14 years, Creative Design—18 years. (Jack of all trades. Master of none. Currently working toward licensure as a “for real” Architect– Exp. 2022.)
Started at FF: 2018
Coffee: Flat White.
Favorite Drink to Relax: Riesling, brut rose, straight whiskey (depending on the season).
Dogs or Cats: Bats.
First Album You Bought With Your Own Money: Kill Rock Stars, Kill Rock Stars (1991)


Bryn Mulligan

Position: Architectural Designer
Education: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Experience: Since 2017.
Started at FF: Intern 2017, full-time 2021
Coffee: Vanilla latte with oat milk.
Favorite Drink to Relax: Chamomile tea.
Dogs or Cats: Cats! Kittens all the way!
First Album You Bought With Your Own Money: American Idiot, Green Day (2004).


Form & Function Architecture - Bryn Mulligan

Form & Function Architecture - Lexi Howard

Lexi Howard

Position: Interior Designer
Education: BS Interior Architecture East Tennessee State University, A.A.S Industrial Technology: Engineering and Drafting Design
Experience: Practicing Design for almost 10 years in varying fields.
Started at FF: 2020
Coffee: Iced vanilla latte or cappuccino.
Favorite Drink to Relax: Chardonnay, chianti or merlot, who am I kidding… wine…
Dogs or Cats: I am a dog or a kitten or a horse person, allergic to cats.
First Album You Bought With Your Own Money: UP!, Shania Twain (2002)