Taylor Parker

Taylor is an architectural designer and creative. Prior to arriving at F&F, she held several internships (Open Door Architecture, Studio JEFRE, PlanET) and was the former Design Coordinator for UT’s Smart Communities Initiative program. With over 20 years of experience in creative and engineering environments, she has a wide range of skills and achievements.

She is currently seeking licensure as an architect in the State of North Carolina and is attending Western Carolina University for a Master’s Degree in Innovation Leadership & Entrepreneurship. Some of her personal endeavors include being a “totally un-cool” mom to some “cool” kids, painting/writing/illustrating books, geeking out about anything space or science-related, renovating a 1940’s bungalow, gardening, making music, and spinning soul records. She is also the founder of Camp Wrenwood, a future campground and makerspace in WNC.


Bachelor in Architecture—University of Tennessee Knoxville, 2016