Unique Mountain Home


We are excited to finally get to post some sketches of a mountain home we have been working on. The home will be in Woodfin, NC and will be taking full advantage of the amazing views the Asheville area has to offer.

The design of the home began with a careful site analysis, at both the large and small scale. Through aerial photos of surrounding terrain and multiple site visits, we pinpointed the best site lines. Siting the home in such a way to accent views along two adjacent valleys, we formed the floor plan and shape of the home. These site lines are emphasized by the two main structural walls of the home, creating visible weight and presence in almost every room of the home, and then serve as the main structural support for both levels and roof. The main floor of the home consists of a symmetrical floor plan with two master suites, kitchen & dining, garage, both private and public decks, and private gardens. The lower level consists of two guest suites, storage and the mechanical spaces.

The placement on the site and the structure of the building was specifically designed to disturb as little of the site as possible, running the length of the natural slope versus perpendicular, requiring large retaining walls/elevated facades. A thoughtfully placed foundation, serving as site retaining walls, along with angled structural supports project the residence lightly from the site. The prominent stone structural walls define the various living spaces within the home, while also providing an open floor plan throughout. The roof of the great room gently drapes between these two walls, with the exposed structure of the roof radiating from the entrance towards the window wall, drawing the eye towards the expansive views of the surrounding mountains from the moment you begin your approach to the home’s front door.

The facades of the home uses traditional mountain home materials and aesthetics. The exterior is board and batten and stone, of a various natural colors with a darker palette. The private gardens will have stone and metal low walls with decorative gates. Stone walls will gracefully enclose the front landscaping, all surrounding a water feature that will catch the cascading water from the central curved roof.

The rear of the home opens up to maximize the view. Large decks provide outdoor living spaces and are a natural extension of the floor plan. The angled structural components allow the decks to reach into the treetops without disturbing the ground below.