Forest Acres Drive - Private Residence

Full home renovation, which included a second floor addition, full kitchen and bathroom remodels, and exterior deck addition while maintaining views of horse pasture.

Riceville Rd Residence

Polished concrete floors run throughout this 1,600 sqft contemporary home. Each niche and corner designed with specific function. The residence has an open floor plan with a private master suite. The home is clad in cypress  and corten panels. Each window is placed to create a picture frame around the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. 


Mellow Mushroom Renovation

The renovations on Mellow Mushroom Asheville, home of mouthwatering pizza and cold beer, have been completed!

The Hop Ice Cream Cafe

Remodel of the existing Hop Ice Cream Cafe to create a better traffic flow pattern as well as do some overall updates including tile work, moving the service counter, and a new wall mural.

Underground Fitness

Prior to becoming a gym, Underground Fitness was a cabinetry shop. Our job involved highlighting the natural rock wall and large wooden columns while fostering a high intensity atmosphere.

The Whale :: A Craft Beer Collective

The Whale is a tasting room for people to enjoy world sought-after beers, known as “whales”. Inside, the Whale has a calm and clean Scandinavian feel. However, don’t feel limited to the 1,500 square foot indoor space, take your beer to the outdoor patio.

Greenridge Road - Private Client

When the house was purchased only the exterior shell and minimal interior walls had been constructed. It has been renovated into a single family home with lots of windows and large porches to create a connection to the natural landscape. The house has been designed to account for aging in place.


Form & Function Architecture

We are an architecture firm that specializes in commercial, residential, state and municipal architecture in North and South Carolina. With a multi-faceted background in construction, art, design, and mechanics; we are uniquely equipped to think outside the parameters of our discipline allowing for diverse and innovative design solutions. In all of our work, we foster an environment of collaboration and creativity with our clients, creative team, and community.

Skilled In The Pursuit Of








Thorough analysis of the site, client’s needs, project parameters, and code related issues, allows Form & Function to ensure all details of the project are integrated into a cohesive design scheme. The time spent at this beginning phase of a project enables our understanding of challenges that may arise during design and construction, and allows us to be proactive to a solution, and not reactive to a problem.

As stewards of the lives, buildings and environments entrusted to us, it is our goal to minimize a structure’s impact on its surroundings. Each project is unique and various design methods are explored to achieve this goal. Design connectivity to the natural and urban fabric is a fundamental element of our process.

Facades and plans that only serve to meet the basic minimums of the design program miss opportunities to provide visually exciting and unique architecture. We are dedicated to providing design solutions that excel in Form as well as Function.

Building upon our Analysis and Stewardship principals we begin to realistically explore our ideas for how the design, materials and systems can best serve your needs and environment. From large-scale plan design, to the smallest detail sketches, we strive to create the most efficient solution for your needs.

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